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On The Issues

Chris has been connecting with residents like you in every corner of the District. With your stories and ideas forming the core of his campaign, Chris is hosting virtual listening sessions; participating in panels; and holding safe, socially distanced events to hear what you have to say.

Why Chris?
  • As a parent, Chris is deeply familiar with the challenges of finding affordable, quality early childhood programming.

  • An entrepreneur interested in the success of neighborhoods across DC who has a unique perspective on the District’s educational climate–and the ability to affect real change.

  • Chris knows that supporting early childhood education means supporting small businesses, many of which are women- and/or minority-owned.

  • A natural coalition builder with strong ties across the District, Chris will source the training, resources, and funding to help these businesses thrive while preparing children for success.

Why Early Childhood Education?
  • Critical brain development occurs before a child reaches age three.

  • Every child deserves a safe, nurturing and engaging environment early on.

  • Early childhood education helps families, resulting in improved health and outcomes for parents as well as children.

Impacts of the pandemic?
  • Before the coronavirus, the District had less than half the seats necessary to meet student demand.

  • The pandemic has only increased that demand, as some care providers have had to shut their doors permanently.

  • Childcare expenses have increased dramatically, and costs are quickly becoming out of reach as families struggle to make ends meet.

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