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Why We Need Your Help

What if we told parents on the first day of pre-K that their child is already behind and they may not graduate with the skills they need to get a job, or they may not graduate at all?

Overwhelming evidence points to quality early childhood education from birth as the crucial component to having healthier children, and children prepared to solve tomorrow’s challenges. As parents we benefit, too. We need to fund the birth to three act and we need to fund it now.

That is what has happened since universal pre-K was launched. The achievement gap has not narrowed. Graduation rates have declined. Our children are not prepared for tomorrow’s jobs and it is only getting worse because of COVID.

Responsibilities of a
Community Leader

  • Send an email to your friends and family in D.C. to share Chris Martin and his plan to revamp childhood education (You will be provided with content to do this after you sign up).

  • Share and Support Chris Martin’s Education Platform on social media

  • Share thoughts, ideas, and feedback to make the local D.C. education system better

Benefits of Becoming
a Community Leader
  • Join a like-minded group who all want better education for kids in DC

  • Create institutional change to a broken system and have a future voice in education with Chris Martin and his platform when he wins

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